Printable Guitar Chord Charts

All the guitar chord finger patterns in the Logue Music Services Chord Finder are available in a printable format as an 11-page PDF file. There are three versions available. Each of these PDF file versions contain all the chord patterns; they differ only in the way that sharp/flat chords are labeled. In the table below, the bold print indicates the chord notation used in that file for each chord root. To download one of these files, click on the link in the table. The download will take place in a new tab or a new window, depending on your browser.

PDF File Chord Root Notation (in bold)
Standard A  A#/Bb  B  C  C#/Db  D  D#/Eb  E  F  F#/Gb  G  G#/Ab
All Flats A  A#/Bb  B  C  C#/Db  D  D#/Eb  E  F  F#/Gb  G  G#/Ab
All Sharps A  A#/Bb  B  C  C#/Db  D  D#/Eb  E  F  F#/Gb  G  G#/Ab

PDF viewer software, such as Adobe or Foxit, is normally needed to view and print these documents. If a viewer is not currently installed on your computer, you can click on one of these links to download a basic viewer free of charge.

Some browsers, such a Firefox, optionally use a built-in PDF viewer. However, built-in viewers may not work properly with these PDF files (e.g., the pages may be all blank). For information on correcting this problem with the Firefox browser, go to "View PDF files in Firefox without downloading them".

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