Guitar Chord Finder

Select the Chord Group (Root):
A A# Bb B C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb
G# Ab
Then Select the Chord:
G G/F# G6/B G7/B Gdim/E Gm13 Gmaj7sus4 Gsus2/E
G(add9) G+ G6sus4 G7+ Gdim/Eb Gm6 Gmaj9 Gsus2/F#
G/A G11 G7 G7b9 Gdim7 Gm6/Bb Gmin Gsus4
G/B G4 G7#9 G7sus4 Gm Gm7 Gmsus4 Gsus4/A
G/C G5 G7(#9) G9 Gm/Bb Gm7/add11 Gsus Gsus4/B
G/D G6 G7(b9) Gadd9 Gm/E Gm9 Gsus2 Gsus4/E
G/E G6(sus4) G7(sus4) Gaug/E Gm/Eb Gmaj Gsus2/B Gsus4/F
G/F G6/add9 G7/add11 Gdim Gm/F Gmaj7 Gsus2/C  

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